Leverage our innovative artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning products. Accelerate your business with the power of data and applied intelligence.

Transform your business with our AI products

Use our prebuilt AI applications to automate your business process and decisions, and optimize your team’s time. Our uniquely designed AI systems can be trained on the data specific to your industry and deliver fast, accurate information across any channel at the scale you and your customers require

Aggregate, Analyze and Accelerate with our Intelligent Products

Enhance the scope for Defi development upon your network with our Oracle implementation solution

Face Mask Detection

Automate detection of people without masks with our Smart Face Mask Detection System.

Social Distancing Alert System

Intelligently detect and alert people not adhering to the social distancing norms.

Contactless Attendance Solution

Record attendance through face detection by using our Contactless Attendance Solution.

Our Expertise In AI Software Development Across Industries


Automate knowledge base, fight cyber risks, drive operational and cost efficiencies by optimally leveraging AI and ML algorithms.


AI-driven consumer wearables and advancements in humanoid design oversee early-stage diagnosis of disease and proactive management of lifestyle.

Real Estate

AI-driven solutions enable asset management property valuation, simplified collaboration, peer-to-peer transactions, supply chain management, and more.


Deliver great customer service with AI-integrated chat support, automated knowledge base, cyber security, information accuracy at an optimal cost.

Why Choose VSS for AI Application Development Services?

Being a renowned AI development company, we infuse AI capabilities in modern business applications that help businesses automate repetitive tasks and expedite decision-making.
360-Degree Requirement Analysis

Closely assess your project requirements and devise a solution with an optimum number of certified AI developers to accomplish the task.

24X7 Support

Complete AI development assistance right from ideation to strategizing, developing, and launching coupled with post-deployment support.

Result-Driven Solutions

Our AI-powered applications or software are engineered to deliver result-oriented solutions in a quick turnaround time.

Seasoned Professionals

Backed by a strong workforce of seasoned AI developers, we offer unparalleled AI application development services to global clients.

Maximum Security and Scalability

State-of-the-art data encryption along with high-security plugins for protection from new malware and threats.

Agile Software Development

Our cross-functional team follows the collaborative approach of agile software development.

Hire AI Developers Under Versatile Engagement Models

As a reputed AI development company, we offer flexible engagement plans for application or software development projects, which are customized according to clients’ specifications. Get a quote based on our tailor-made models for your AI solutions development project.

Fixed Price Model

Best suited for small and medium-size AI projects. This model allows customers to pay a fixed price for all milestone deliverables for the entire project.

Time and Material Model

Ideal for AI assisted software development projects where the requirements are flexible and change frequently. The customer is billed as per the efforts invested by the team per month.

SLA/Milestone Based Model

This model is ideal when you need to hire AI developers for an iterative and process-oriented project with defined internal and external milestones.

Build Your Team ® Model

This model enables you to get world-class, best-of-breed, and highly skilled AI coders just when and where you need them.

Our Artificial Intelligence Portfolio

Smart Visitor Management ™

Countability uses AI to prevent an emergency situation by its Smart visitor Management module. It predicts visitor behavior using Machine Learning(ML) and alerts the stakeholders proactively. Countability uses Computer vision and image processing to count the students in case of an emergency.

World’s First Robotic Tea Maker

Arya is the First Chai making robot having the capabilities of AI. It can detect a user’s face using computer vision and reply back with an exact recipe name by predicting the user’s behavior using Machine Learning(ML). It uses Speech recognition and NLP to interact with the user to take the next order.

AI-based Roster Management and Time-Tracking App

TimeCloud uses AI and facial recognition to manage time and attendance records of employees. We integrated the AI-based attendance tracking system with the client’s existing cloud-based human resource management.

Marketplace for AI applications is a computer vision marketplace that allows you to link your camera feeds to AI applications. We created a marketplace comprising computer vision apps that can be used to generate users’ reports, solve complicated business issues and detect faces using any IP camera.