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Build an AI-driven application

is what you might often read or hear these days. And, it’s not just the modern AI in web development service offered, it’s much more. From being something unreal and extraordinary, AI managed to copy a human mind and learn from the previous experiences in a better, faster, and more efficient way. No wonder, its market size is expected to reach $126 billion by 2025. No wonder, AI apps are highly appreciated in any business.

The biggest tech giants are also investing in AI technology. For instance, Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Samsung. And, AI contributes much to the growth of the world’s economy. So, the role of artificial intelligence in web development is outstanding. But, why? What is the value of AI-based web development? And, where is it heading in the nearest future? Let’s find out!


By so far, AI has redefined web development to its core. Tasks that require enhancement of user experience, personalization, and customization can be met with artificial intelligence. With artificial intelligence in web applications one can:

Reduce human error

It is possible to self-teach a computing system and use it in healthcare or logistics industries. With the help of AI, errors that occur during human inaccuracy or negligence can be decreased to a minimum or eliminated for good. How? AI allows structuring, prioritizing, automating every industry-related process. No human can perform all these functions at once. What’s more, AI impacts process speed, which can promote better business outcomes significantly.

Obtain a perfect digital assistant

With AI-driven applications, it is possible to process large amounts of data in an instant. With the help of a smart computing system, you are able to make better business decisions based on the data processed.

Adopt innovations right now

Every industry is experiencing major innovations due to implementing AI for websites. Healthcare tends to be more accessible for patients can contact their doctors via chatbots and video calls. Education becomes more advanced. Logistics becomes polished and products are being delivered faster and safer. In Fintech, we have a chance to experience constant support, safety, and customization of any banking services. And it’s super-convenient. If we need help – there’s always a chatbot around. In Real Estate, AI gives us the possibility to find our perfect homes to live in or sell our own. AI isn’t only innovative itself, it drives constant innovations, overcomes new challenges, and gives different industries new opportunities to grow.

Would AI substitute web development?

The role of artificial intelligence in web development is rather helpful than overpowering. For instance, in coding AI is used to simplify complex development processes. Also, it is possible to use artificial intelligence in web design to receive perfect layout suggestions. Basically, AI can give a software developer good pieces of advice during real-time development. Engineers will not be able to just code faster, but also they will impact a better customer engagement on the website using AI chatbots, AI research techniques, AI analyses of end-user interaction metrics, etc.


So, as you can see, AI is great for web development. But, how to use AI in web development the right way? And, mainly, where and why you should do that? Get to read the following insights.

You should use AI for web development when:

There is a need for better reply predictions via chatbots

With AI chatbots you can easily increase business sales and have predictive reply procedures. Having learned the possible human response and still learning with every query, chatbots make predictions according to the exact human reaction and behavior in general.

There is a need to enhance customer experience

Websites that use AI technology can understand customer needs better. And, this way, they can offer end-user a more personalized experience. And, who wouldn’t like that? Today, industries try to make their digital representatives (websites) as user-centric as possible. The right attitude towards user needs can multiply business’ profits.

There is a demand for voice-based search and AI search

Tired of typing your request? Use voice command search communication. Now it’s a great possibility to search for words, phrases, or even sentences with the help of AI. For example, there are Siri, Alexa, Google Home, and Cortana that have AI voice command features.

There is a need to enhance your marketing processes

Marketing is always the key to your customers. It can give exact answers as to:

  • What customers are inclined to buy this time and next time?
  • Which products customers won’t buy for they don’t like them?
  • What are the devices customers use to browse your site?
  • What is the ideal time for customers to shop at your website?

There are even more questing of a king that might be super helpful.

There is a need for design enhancements

Using AI technologies, it is possible for website owners to offer a unique experience to every single client. By doing so, customers feel valued and appreciated. This drives their trust in the website and your business in general. Personalization and customization of interaction are what end-users long for. The more convenient the website is, the better.