Information Services

Act as a backbone to upgrade your information technology services.


We have served Information technology industries by providing them the best possible solution to integrate and store large amount of data to execute the complex processes.

The rapid pace of globalization over the past decade has been largely driven by developments in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).Solutions provided by VSS helps to store,collect,modify and communicate information with a great efficiency and good accuracy. The process of Information Service starts from specifying the need of the system, working further on it to collect information and then using it for designing and implementation of the system and ends at evaluating or maintaining the system.

We provide our facilities in different sectors like archiving the data and maintaining it,indexing the data, story or library management. We support our customers in our core competencies in Hardware, Software, Networking, IT Security and Services domains.


Banking & Financial
Retail/ Consumer Goods
Information Services
Media & Entertainment
Transportation & Logistics
Travel & Hospitality