The 5 year multiple entry Kenya visa was first offered on September 22, 2015 to US nationals only. The purpose of this visa is to cater the short or long-term business trips. Additionally, US nationals can come to Kenya for tourism on the same visa. The application process will go through the Kenya Embassy in Washington DC and directed to immigration headquarters in Nairobi.

All the Kenya eVisas issued online stays valid for 1 year or 5 years, both being multiple-entry visas. All eligible countries citizens can fill up the Kenya eVisa application form for the purpose of tourism, business, education, or medical reasons. This exception is only for United States nationals for the purpose of tourism, business, education or medical reasons.

Validity of the 5-Year Multiple-Entry Visa

The 5 year multiple entry visa is valid for 5 years from the date of issue. The applicant will have six months to make the first entry otherwise the visa will become void. At the point of entry, the eVisa should be shown to the immigration control. The applicant can print out the eVisa before traveling to make things convenient at entry points in Kenya.

Fees for 5-Year Multiple-Entry Visa

The 5 year multiple entry visa costs a lot more than the standard single entry eVisa. The fees depend upon the type of visa and country. This payment of Kenya visa fees can be made online using a debit or credit card. The surcharges of using a card to make online payment will vary according to the applicant’s bank and dollar rate of the day.

Documents Required

The applicants when applying for the 5-year multiple-entry visa require the following documents. There are a few Kenya visa requirements that must be attached when applying online on the website for a Kenya visa. These attachments must be in PDF, JPG or MS Word format only. The documents vary according to the purpose of the multiple visits of the applicant. They are:

    1. A valid passport or a valid travel document that proves the nationality of the applicant. This travel document should be valid for the next six months and have a few blank pages left.
    2. A return ticket should also be available at the time of application. The date on the return ticket should be clearly visible.

Additional Documents required for the following

Business Visits

    1. An Kenyan visa invitation letter from the company who has invited the applicant to Kenya for business tours.
    2. A copy of the original registration certificate of the company who has invited.

Family Visits

    1. If the applicant is visiting family based in Kenya, an invitation letter from the family will be required.
    2. An identification document of the host in Kenya will be required. This document can be the identity card or the passport. An alien card or the entry permit of the host will also suffice.


    1. A detailed travel itinerary will be required. The places the applicant plans to visit must be clearly mentioned along with the dates of travel.
    2. Booking confirmation of hotels and other accommodations must be shown.

Identification Documents

    1. Identification documents like the passport must be shown at the time of application. The applicant can scan the biodata page of the passport for this purpose.
    2. A clear photograph of the applicant is mandatory. This picture should be recent with a plain white or off-white background. The picture on the passport will not suffice for this purpose. The applicant must ensure that the picture clearly show the full face with no headgear that obscures the hairline. The applicant can only cover the head for religious purposes and nothing else. If the applicant wears prescription glasses, he or she may wear them in the picture.

Applying for the 5-year multiple-entry visa is an easy process that can be done online. In case the applicant from the United States has any confusions, the Kenya Embassy in Washington DC can clear all confusions and make it easy for new applicants.

Kenya 5yr Multiple-Entry eVisa

Please Note:The information on your Kenya 5yr Multiple-Entry e-Visa must match the information on your valid travel document completely; otherwise, your e-Visa will be invalid. In this regard, you must create and complete a new application

Kenya 5 Year Multiple Entry eVisa