Kenyan Business E-Visa allows several foreign nationalities to enter Kenya for business ventures. It is a single-entry travel document, and it grants foreigners to stay in the country for thirty days with the option of their visa twice. The application for this type of visa is purely online. Eligible nationalities may request a visa extension of up to 90 days.

Activities that grants Kenya Business Visa:

  • International meetings
  • Business events and conferences
  • Reporting and discussion of business opportunities and ventures

Kenya has a stable and growing economy. It entices international organizations to invest and start businesses in the country. As per World Bank Group, Kenya made a 5.7% progress in their economic growth back in 2019. The country became a logistics hub of the Sub-Saharan Africa region for its success in private equity capital. Companies from the USA set up local operations for the great opportunity that Kenya offers. Manufacture, financial, and infrastructure industries have a high contribution to Kenya's economic growth.

Leveraging the rapid development of businesses in the country, the Kenyan Government opens an online visa application for business classification. It is available for 160 nationalities, and the Kenya Visa application will only take a few minutes through the use of electronic devices. It eliminates the need to get an appointment in Consulates or embassies to acquire travel authorization. Eligible nationalities can complete the registration in the comfort of their home. Children below sixteen years of age, permanent residence holders, and re-entry pass holders get exempted from the visa requirement.

To avoid the inconvenient long queues at the airport, Kenya's Ministry of Home Affairs declared that all applications transition to online starting January 1, 2021. The agency discontinued on-arrival visas to give way for the new biometric process.

Approval of Kenyan Visa does not guarantee final authority to enter the country. Kenya's border control officers have all the right to reject the entrance of travelers who missed meeting immigration requirements.

Requirements for Kenya Business e Visa:

All nationalities must comply and submit the following Kenya visa requirements for a successful application:

    1. Fill out Kenya Business e Visa Application Form
    2. Passport Requirement:
      • a. Valid for six months after the traveler arrives in Kenya
      • b. Two blank visa page
    3. A scan of the applicant's passport biography page and front cover
    4. A passport-sized photographs of the applicant
    5. Kenyan Visa Invitation Letter Requirement:
      • a. The letter must indicate the purpose of the visit is related to a business venture
      • b. The letter must indicate the position or role of the applicant in the company
      • c. Issued by sponsoring company or employer
      • d. The letter must come from a Kenyan company
      • e. The letter must consist of company name, contact telephone number, full company address, and arrival/departure dates
    6. Copy of Company registration
    7. Proof of hotel confirmation
    8. Person Countersigning The Invitation Letter (Staff ID of Person Countersigning)
    9. Person Countersigning The Invitation Letter (Kenyan ID of Person Countersigning)
    10. Proof of financial capacity
    11. Proof of onward travel or return ticket after they visit Kenya

Instruction for Online Application:

The Business E-Visa Application Form consists of personal information, passport information, travel itinerary, and purpose of travel. Some nationalities have to answer security and health-related questions depending on their circumstance. Applicants must ensure that all details are accurate and authentic to avoid discrepancies in the application. Supporting documents should match the information provided in the form. Mismatch and inaccuracies may result in an invalid application. The applicant has to pay the Kenya Business e Visa fee before submission. Payment channels are available in the portal, and they may choose the best option for them. Applicants will receive their electronic visa confirmation through their registered mail. The result of the Business E-Visa application may take one to three business days after the form gets submitted.

Kenya Business e Visa Extension:

Kenya grants extension for Business E-Visa holders by visiting the Immigration Office in Mombasa or the Immigration Headquarters in Nairobi. Both offices are open Monday to Friday, and the process may take a few hours. Single-entry visas can extend up to 90-, depending on the purpose of the visit. Foreigners must have current unexpired travel authorization to be eligible. They can extend twice. The first extension gives up to two months and three months for the second request. It grants foreigners six months to stay in Kenya. They must meet the following requirements:

    1. Two digital passport-sized photographs of the traveler
    2. Scan of their passport biography page
    3. Scan of their visa
    4. Complete Kenya Online Visa Application Form
    5. Pay the application fee (cost may vary)

Officers that have the power to approve and refuse entry:

    1. Director of Immigration Services in Nairobi
    2. Deputy or Regional Immigration Heads in Kisumu
    3. Deputy or Regional Immigration Heads in Mombasa

Important Note: Kenyan Business E-Visa is different from employment visa. If the applicants need a work permit in Kenya, they have to visit a consulate or embassy, and processing may take months. The same policy applies to applicants who intend to undertake an internship, voluntary work, and residence in the country. For detailed instruction, they may check the Department of Immigration Services Foreign Nationals Portal

Kenya's Additional Requirements Due To Covid-19

Kenya resumed domestic flights on July 15, 2020, and international flights on August 1, 2020. Commercial trucks are the only vehicles allowed for inland border crossings. The Ministry of Transport and Health established the following travel restrictions in response to COVID-19:

    1. All incoming passengers ages two and above must provide a negative PCR for successful entry. They must take the test ninety-six hours before arrival in the country. Kenya's trusted travel platform will validate each individual's PCR certificate.
    2. Traveler's temperature must not exceed 37.5 Celsius and has no flu-like symptoms, such as cough, difficulty breathing, and fever.
    3. All incoming passengers going to Kenya have to declare their health condition through “Jitenge.” Travelers may download the app in Google Play Store. Upon registration in Jitenge, each passenger will get a unique QR code through their email. They need to present to Kenya's airport health desk.
    4. After successful entry, all travelers have to monitor and update their health condition in Jitenge for fourteen days.

Kenya Business e-Visa FAQs:

The Government of Kenya requires 2 to 3 business days to process the Business e-Visa application. Travelers may submit their forms and supporting documents on time to avoid discrepancies. The perfect timeframe would be three months in advance or five days before the date of travel.

The Government of Kenya issues a separate type of travel authorization for travelers who intend to participate in business activities during their stay in the country. Kenyan Business e-Visa will serve as a permit for the following purpose of visit:

    1. International meetings
    2. Business conferences or convention center
    3. Discussion of business ventures

The Business e Visa Application is a hundred percent online process. The form consists of personal information, passport information, the purpose of travel, and travel itinerary, which the applicant has to fill out with true and accurate information. Some nationalities may have to add details about security and health-related questions. Supporting documents must be similar to the information in the Business E-Visa form. Mismatch, incorrect, or incomplete information may result in an invalid application.

Kenyan Business eVisa grants foreigners 30 days to stay in the country with a possible extension. Eligible foreigners may stay up to 6 months in Kenya.

The cost of Kenyan Business e Visa may vary depending on the visa type, country of origin, and the urgency of the application.

Applicants can apply 3 months in advance or 5 days before the intended arrival date in Kenya. Immigration suggests leaving a few days as a leeway just in case they encounter problems with the application.

    1. Fill out and duly signed Kenya Business E-Visa Application Form
    2. A valid passport
    3. A scan of the applicant's passport biography page
    4. Applicant's two digital passport-sized photograph
    5. Invitation Letter Copy of Company registration
    6. Proof of onward travel or return ticket after they visit Kenya
    7. Proof of hotel confirmation
    8. Proof of financial capacity
    9. Certificate of Yellow Fever vaccines (applicable for at-risk countries) Refer to this link for more information:

No. Starting January 1, 2021, Kenya’s Ministry of Home Affairs suspends on-arrival visas as an adjustment for the new online biometric process. Travelers may proceed with the online application to get Kenya Business e-Visa.

After submission, applicants will get the Kenya Business e-Visa document through their registered email. From there, they can download their visa and print it on paper.

Kenyan Business E-Visa application fee has no option for a refund, whether it gets approved or declined.

Kenya allows extension for Business E-Visa holders twice. They can visit the Immigration Office in Mombasa or the Immigration Headquarters in Nairobi or just request it online. To be eligible, foreigners must have current unexpired travel authorization.