A multiple visa for Kenya is for those individuals who need to enter the country multiple times for business or medical reasons. The multiple-entry visa for Kenya is approved by the office of the Director of Immigration Services. This office is located in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. Anyone wishing to apply for a multiple entry visa can send the application through courier services or hand it in person at the office.

Those individuals who are already present in Kenya on their Tourist eVisa, which allows only one entry, can get the multiple entry visa as well. Individuals need to fill up an online Kenya visa application form. The travelers will have to visit the Immigration headquarters based in Nairobi to submit their application. They will be called again the next day to collect the multiple-entry visa in person. The applicants must keep in mind that visa services are only entertained on certain days of the week. Therefore, it is recommended to check before visiting the headquarters.

If the applicants wish to send their application using courier services, they must do so well in advance. This will ensure that there are no delays and the application reaches on time. The enveloped that encloses the application must be securely closed and addressed clearly back to the applicant. The visa will be received on the written address on the envelope.

Duration for the Issuance of the Visa

When the applicant makes a request by visiting the immigration headquarters in Nairobi, the multiple entry visa is usually ready by the next working day. If the applicant applies for the visa before 12:30pm on a working day, it will be ready for collection on the next working day at 2pm. This duration applies to those applications that have been completed perfectly. In case there are issues with the application, the visa will be delayed.

When the application is sent through courier, the multiple-entry visa application can take up to two months to process. When making travel plans, it is essential that the applicants keep in mind these application times. The Kenya eVisa application can be made online and the visa is processed within 24 to 72 hours. The visa is received in the applicant’s email address within two days after the application has been submitted.

Validity of Multiple-Entry Visa

The validity of a multiple-entry visa ranges from 6 months to a year. The duration of individual visa has to be mentioned in a letter issued from the company or employer. The single entry tourist visa is valid for three months from the time of issue. This means that once the visa has been issued, the traveler has three months to make their first visit. The same goes for multiple-entry visa holders.

Documents Required for Kenya Multiple-Entry Visa

Applicants who apply for multiple entry visa require additional Kenya visa requirements documents in order to justify the African government about the multiple trips. The standard documentation required for the Kenya eVisa are mandatory, but additionally, the following are required:

    1. An official letter from the company or the employer explaining the need for the applicant to visit Kenya various times. The letter must also include if the multiple entry visa should be valid for six months or a year.
    2. Kenyan visa invitation letter from the organization or the host where the applicant will visit. Additionally, a recommendation would suffice from the school if the applicant were a student.
    3. A copy of the original employment contract or the employee identification card.
    4. The host company’s registration certificate will also be required in this application. A copy of the original certificate should be attached to the application.
    5. Last, a minimum of three previous visas should be shown as well. If this is the applicant’s first business trip, this step is no applicable.

All foreign nationals who are unable to produce the above mentioned documents must apply for the single-entry visa. This visa will allow the visitors to stay in Kenya for 90 days and can reapply when the need arises.

Fees of Multiple-Entry Visa

A multiple-entry visa costs more than the single-entry tourist visa for Kenya. Keeping in mind the number of times the applicant enters the country, it will amount to less than applying for single entry visas many times. When the applicant applies for the multiple-entry visa in person by going to the immigration office in Nairobi, the amount of Kenya visa fees has to be paid in cash and in full. However, applicants applying online can make the payment online using their debit or credit card.

Kenya Multiple-Entry Visa Sample

Please Note:The information on your Kenya Multiple-Entry Visa must match the information on your valid travel document completely; otherwise, your e-Visa will be invalid. In this regard, you must create and complete a new application

Kenya Multiple Entry Visa

For countries that are not eligible for an Kenya eVisa, they must obtain a Kenya Multiple-Entry Visa through an embassy in their home country or upon international arrival.

Kenya Multiple Entry Visa