Obtaining a visa for Kenya is quite convenient for individuals who wish to travel to the country for tourism or business purposes. All individuals can get the Kenya visa online provided that all the required documents are complete and valid. This visa is mandatory for those planning to enter the country. This type of visa allows the applicant to enter the country once but can remain for up to 90 days.

Visa Specifications:

The visa allows travelers to enter the country once with a validity of 90 days. The normal delivery time for the visa is about 8 working days but if an individual wishes to get an urgent visa, it can be obtained in 4 working days as well. The Kenya single entry visa cost is dependent on the nationality of which can be made online using a Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express Card or PayPal. The process of getting an eVisa is by applying online. However, if an applicant does not meet the requirements, they can apply through visiting the embassy.


Like most countries, a Visa is mandatory for anyone visiting Kenya and also there is a list of eligible countries for Kenya Visa. The requirement for having a Visa for business or tourism purpose applies to the nationals of all European countries. The citizens of Britain and Ireland are also included in the list. However, children up to the age of 15 years do not require a visa but can enter the country with a valid passport alone. There are a few conditions and requirements that children must meet otherwise they will not be allowed to enter Kenya.

Validity of Single-Entry Visa:

Although the visa is a single-entry visa, the validity is for a long 90-days period. The applicant can apply for a visa well before the departure date, but the visa will only be received in the email 30 days prior to the date of departure. All applications received will be kept on hold until 30 days are left for departure of the applicant.

Application Requirements:

The online application for Kenyan visa must be made at least 14 days before the day of departure. In order to get a Kenya visa, the applicant should have a valid passport. All passports issued in Europe are eligible for the visa. Although, passports made on emergency basis will not be considered valid for a Kenya visa. A permit of residence will not suffice for obtaining a visa. The passport should have another 6 months of validity from the day of arrival in the country with enough empty pages left for entry and exit stamps.

The process of application is simple. The applicant needs to fill the online application form and submit the Kenya visa requirements document accurately in order to avoid delays and errors in obtaining the visa. Once the standard fee is paid online by using a debit or credit card, additional documents. These documents are:

    1. Passport size photo or a selfie. This should be a recent colored photo with a plain white background. Must check the Kenya visa photo size requirements. The face should be clearly visible with a sharp focus without any headgear. Only religious headgear is allowed in the photo.
    2. A scanned copy of the passport or a high quality picture of the passport. The information page where the name and picture of the passport holder is written should be uploaded with clear and legible writing. Pictures of the passport taken from the phone are allowed for obtaining a visa for Kenya.
    3. Any booking confirmation like hotel confirmation, a resort or a campsite the applicant is planning to visit. The applicant can also upload the booking confirmation of a return flight ticket or an onward flight ticket. Kenyan visa invitation letter from a company can also be shown in this category.

Locations of Arrival:

When an applicant applies for a Kenya visa online, they are only allowed to arrive at the following points of entry into the country:

Plane Ship By Road: Bus/Car/Motorcycle
Eldoret International Airport (EDL) Kilindini Seaport Busia
Garisa Airport (GAS) Kisumu Isebania
Jomo Kenyatta Airport, Nairobi (NBO) Kuinga Liboi
Kisumu Airport (KIS) Lamu Loitokitok
Lamu Airport (LAU) Malindi Lungalunga
Lokichogio Airport (HKLK) Mbita Point Malaba
Malindi Airport (MYD) Muhuru Bay Mandera
Moi Airport Mombassa (MBA) Old Port Moyale
Wajir International Airport (WJR) Shimoni Nadapal
Wilson Airport, Nairobi (WIL) Vanga Namanga & Taveta

Note: The tourists have to leave the country from the same locations mentioned above. However, the point of entry can be different from the point of exist.

All applicants can simply visit Kenya eVisa application form and fill the online application form. Once the form is duly filled, the application is checked for common errors and mistakes. In case of any errors found, the applicant will be notified for making due corrections. Once everything is in order, the application is processed by the Kenya’s immigration services. Once the visa is granted, the applicant receives the visa through email.

Kenya Single Entry Visa Sample

Please Note:The information on your Kenya eingle entry e-Visa must match the information on your valid travel document completely; otherwise, your e-Visa will be invalid. In this regard, you must create and complete a new application

Kenya Single Entry e Visa

For countries that are not eligible for an Kenya eVisa, they must obtain a Kenya single entry visa through an embassy in their home country or upon international arrival.

Kenya Single Entry Paper Visa