Turkey grants a Turkish tourist visa to travellers from different corners of the world that legally allows them to enter, stay and move around in the country for a specific time duration.

Turkey, having a liberalized visa policy, accepts numbers of tourists every year who come to spend their vacations or meet their family members or friends or any other purpose that complies with the Turkey Tourist Visa.

 Do I Need a Turkey Tourist Visa?

Turkey portrays a welcoming approach towards the tourists and is a visa-free regime for nationals of many countries. Those who are not Visa-Exempts can apply for Turkey e-Visa online application by the easy and swift process.

Turkey is also a visa-free regime for the neighbouring country Russia for 90 days in six months with a restriction of 60 days per visit and permits the nationals of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brunei, Costa Rica, Latvia, Macao, Mongolia, Thailand, and Turkmenistan to stay in Turkey for up to 90 days in six months with a narrow limit of 30 days per visit.

If you do not belong to either of these countries, you need to apply for a Turkey Tourist Visa. Check list of eligible countries for Turkey eVisa

 What is a Turkey Tourist Visa?

If you plan to make a trip to Turkey with a Tourist Visa, you should carefully read the categories of different purposes of the visit.

You should apply for a Turkey Tourist Visa only if you intend to visit the country for one of the following purposes.

The eligible purposes of entry under Turkey Tourist Visa are as under:

  • Touristic Visit: Turkey is home to alluring tourist destinations. If you plan to visit turkey for vacations, touring, sightseeing, leisure, and other similar purposes, you will select “Touristic Visit” as your purpose of visit.
  • Business meeting/Commerce: For attending a business meeting or any unpaid commerce-related activity in Turkey.
  • Conference/Seminar/Meeting: For taking part in a conference, seminar, meeting or other similar activity in Turkey.
  • Festival / Fair / Exhibition: If you are travelling to Turkey to participate in a fair, festival, exhibition, etc.
  • Sportive Activity: To attend any sports activity, as a sportsperson or a fan.
  • Cultural/Artistic Activity: If you intend to take part in cultural or artistic activity.
  • Official Visit: As a member of an official delegation to represent the government or any public institutions of your country.
  • Visit the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus: When planning to travel to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for any of the above reasons.

 Types of Turkish Tourist Visa

You can obtain a Turkey Tourist visa in two forms, according to your nationality.

  • Turkish e-visa for tourism purposes.
  • Turkish Sticker Visa for tourists.

 How to Apply for a Turkish Tourist eVisa?

If you need a visa to enter Turkey, you may apply for a Turkish e-Visa. It is way easy and quick to get a Turkish e-Visa by following three simple steps.

  • Filling out a Visa Application Form

    You need to fill out an online Turkey Visa application form that asks you about your personal information and other information relevant to your travel and to upload a few required documents.

  • Pay the fee.

    Then you need to pay the Turkey visa fees for Turkey Tourist Visa online via your credit or debit cards or any other similar supported medium.

  • Print your e–visa

    After the payment, you will receive your e-Visa in a softcopy. You must get a print of your Turkey e-Visa and present it at the entry port in Turkey.

 How to Apply for a Turkey Sticker Visa?

If you qualify for a Turkish Sticker Visa, you need to follow the given several steps:

 When to Apply?

The earliest you can apply for your Turkish Sticker e-Visa is two months before your intended date of travel, and the latest, at least one month before your trip.

You must follow the time constraints to get a visa without any unexpected hurdles and delays.

 Where to Apply?

You can apply at the Turkish Mission in your country of residence or any Third Party Visa Processing Centres in your country, depending upon how Turkish Authorities perform visa processing operations in your country.

 Complete the Online Application Form

Having completed the two above steps, now you may fill an online application form for the Turkey Tourist Sticker Visa. This form contains basic questions related to personal details.

When you complete your application, you will get a date and time for a visa interview and a list of required documents depending upon your nationality that you must submit on your interview day.

 Collect the Required Documents

Correct documents fulfilling all requirements increase your chance to get the visa. Make sure that your documents follow the specifications required by Turkish authorities.

  • The completed Turkish Tourist visa application form
  • Your valid passport or another travel document
  • Two photographs
  • Proof of income or savings: As an estimate, you will spend €50 daily in Turkey. So you need to show that you can support yourself financially for a complete stay by producing recent bank statements, a letter of support from another person, etc.
  • Travel insurance: Must be covering the whole territory of Turkey with a minimum amount of €30,000.
  • Travel Itinerary: You may present your booked, ongoing and returning flights, a bus ticket, etc.
  • Proof of accommodation: You may attach your hotel booking details or an invitation letter from your friend, family or host.
  • Police Clearance Certificate: A certificate that you were not involved in criminal activities in recent years.
  • Documents related to the company organizing the trip: Only for group travellers.
  • Proof of Employment status: You need to attach proof of your status depending upon you work as an employee or own a business. If your spouse is responsible for your expenses, then attach the documents of your spouse.

 Turkish Tourist Visa Interview

The Turkish Visa interview is the final effort required from your side. The interviewer will ask you questions in the interview that eventually helps him decide to grant you a visa or not. You have to submit your document at this stage.

 Processing Time

It may take 3 to 15 workings days to get a response about your visa from the authorities.