If you are flying to your destination and transiting through Turkey, you must get a Turkey Transit Visa. This visa allows you to travel through Turkey.

You must possess a Turkey Transit Visa, if:

  • You will stay in Turkey overnight to connect your next flight
  • You want to pass through immigration.

Who needs a Turkey Transit Visa?

You will need a visa if you want to transit to your destination through Turkey or stay in Turkey overnight, or you have to pass through immigration.

Eligibility: The eligibility criteria for Transit Visa are the same as for other visa types. If you want a visa to enter Turkey for tourism or any purpose, you also require a Transit visa.

For using Turkey for Transit Purpose, you need either of the following visas:

    1. A Turkish e-Visa
    2. A Turkish Sticker Visa

Note that you do not need any of the above transit visas if you belong to visa-exempt countries.

How to Apply?

To get a transit visa, you first need to select the correct Transit Visa Type for you.

Check if you qualify for a Turkish e-Visa or a Turkish Sticker Visa. Both have different application procedures.

How To Apply For A Turkish E-Visa?

Getting a Turkish e-Visa is quite an easy and swift process as compared to getting a sticker visa. You can fill the Turkey eVisa application form within minutes, and then you become legally allowed to enter Turkey.

Obtaining a Turkish e-Visa takes only three steps:

Filling Out Application Form: To get an e-Visa, first, you have to provide all the details required in the form and submit it.

Make the Payment: You have to pay the Turkey visa fee via your credit or debit cards.

Get The Print out: When everything is alright, you will receive the softcopy of your transit visa. You can take a print out of your transit visa and present it at the Turkish Port of entry.

How to Apply for a Turkish Sticker Visa:

If you need a Turkey sticker visa, you have two options to avail:

    1. Single Transit
    2. Double Transit

Overall, you need to collect the required documents, appear for a visa interview, and pay a visa fee. The whole process takes only five steps:

    1. When should you apply for a sticker visa?
    2. Where should you apply?
    3. Filling out an online application form
    4. Collecting all the required documents
    5. Appearing at Turkey Transit Visa Interview

Follow the instructions given below for each step strictly in the correct order to get a hassle-free transit visa.

When should you apply for a Sticker Visa?

You should apply for a sticker visa at least 1 month before the intended date of travel to Turkey and at most two months before your travel. But for the safe side, you should apply as soon as you plan your trip to avoid any unforeseen unpredictability.

Where should you apply?

You should apply for a Turkish visa at the Turkish embassy or consulate in your country of residence. You may note that Turkey has outsourced its visa submission to third parties’ visa processing centres in several countries. Therefore, you need to keep a check with the Turkish mission in your country of residence to figure out the exact place to apply for a transit visa.

Filling out an online Application Form

After getting the correct place to apply for a visa now, you are ready to fill an application form at the Turkish Visa pre-application system. In the form, you need to provide correct information for the basic questions regarding your identity, nationality, and reason for visiting Turkey.

When your application form is complete, then the system will allow you a date and time for the interview, which you must attend.

Collecting all the required documents

Before appearing for an interview, you must gather and arrange all the documents. Your documents must be following the specifications set by the mission. You will submit these documents on the day of your interview.

You need to present the following documents to the Turkish mission.

Your pictures must be of high quality, in sharp focus with appropriate brightness and contrast. No ink marks and creases staple marks.

    1. Passport or another travel document having validity of at least six months after you enter Turkey
    2. A filled Transit Visa application form, the proof of occupation and travel insurance
    3. Proof of income or savings. You need to submit a document showing enough money for your sustenance for your stay/transit in Turkey and your destination country.
    4. Approximately, you should have €50 for daily expenditure in Turkey.
    5. A document as proof of purchased Travel Medical Insurance
    6. An Onward Ticket. Ticket of your aeroplane that will take you to your destination country.
    7. Visa for your final destination, if applicable.
    8. Proof of accommodation in Turkey. You need to produce the document containing the details of where will you stay in Turkey during your trip. This document can be a letter of invitation from the host in Turkey or hotel booking.
    9. Police Clearance Certificate. As proof that you were not involved in any criminal activity in recent years.

Note that depending on your nationality and the country of your residence, you may be asked to submit a few additional documents. For a more detailed overview of the documents required for the Turkish visa , visit the page.

Turkish Transit Visa interview

To get a sticker visa, you can not omit the interview part from the process of getting the sticker visa for transiting. Be punctual about the date and time of your interview and must take your documents with you.

In the interview, a consular officer will inquire a few questions regarding your trip.

Processing Time for Transit Visa for Turkey?

It takes about 15 working days for processing. However, in some countries, it may take time lesser than three working days.

You can stay updated about the status of your application by tracking through the website.

Do I Need a Different Visa to Transit Through the Airports of Istanbul?

For transiting through the Sabiha Gokcen Airport on the Asian side of Turkey or the Istanbul Ataturk Airport on the European side, you may need a Turkey Transit Visa. This visa is also known as Istanbul Transit Visa among the Travellers who transit through these ports. Therefore, both names refer to the same visa.